MDHT Spring Starter #3 results!

We couldn’t be more proud of our riders this past weekend at the Maryland Horse Trials Spring Starter #3!!!
-June Saccardi & Daring Duchess for their 3rd place finish in Jr. Novice B
-Kate Calvert & Jet for their WIN in Introductory and with Tuck N Roll for their 4th in Novice-A
-Jordan Barton & Annie for their 2nd place finish in Jr. Elementary- B
– Sophia Morales & Dylin for their 8th place finish in Jr. Elementary- A
-Katie McFarland & Spice for their 3rd place finish in Jr. Introductory
-Cindy Whalen & Just Call Me Stanley for their 5th place in Introductory
-Lily Wyatt & Out of the Blue for their 6th place finish in Jr. Elementary-B

MAF riders head to Maryland Spring Starter #3

Coming up next for the MAF riders is The Maryland Horse Trials Spring Starter #3 this weekend!

June Saccardi is competing Duchess in the Junior Novice division, Caitie Erwin is competing Painted in Lace in the Junior Elementary division, Kate Calvert will be competing Tuck N Roll in the Novice division and Jet in the Intro division, Jordan Barton will be riding Annie in the Junior Elementary division and Sophia Morales will be competing Dylin also in the Junior Elementary division. GOOD LUCK to all of our riders! We know that you will do great!

MDHT Twilight Eventing Coming Up!

A few of the Miles Ahead riders are heading across the street this Wednesday for the first Twilight Eventing at Maryland Horse Trials!
June Saccardi will be doing a Training-level combined test, Caitie Erwin will be doing the Elementary horse trials, Jordan Barton will be doing the Elementary combined test, and Sophia Morales will be doing the Elementary horse trials. Best of luck to everyone for great rides!

Loudoun Horse Trials Results

Miles Ahead Farm had a great time at the Loudoun Hunt Horse Trials this past weekend! Congratulations to:
-Kerry for her 8th place finish in the Open Beginner Novice-B division with Harry
– Kathryn Plamondon for her 7th place finish in the Jr. Open Beginner Novice-A division with Jingle Belle Rocks
-June Saccardi for completing the Jr. Open Novice-A division with Duchess
Way to go!

Maryland Spring Starter Trials #2 Results

What a great weekend at The Maryland Horse Trials Starter #2 for Miles Ahead riders! We are so proud of everyone! Congratulations to…
-June Saccardi who was 9th in Jr. Novice-A (and yesterday was her birthday too)
-Caitie Erwin who was 6th in Jr. Elementary (her first show with her new horse)
-Kate Calvert who was 3rd in Beginner Novice-A (on Kerry’s “baby horse” Harry who is growing up nicely!)
-EJ (Elizabeth) Riveria who was 8th in Beginner Novice-B
-Katherine Plamondon who was 6th in Jr. Beginner Novice-A
-Jordan Barton who was 7th in Jr. Elementary (having one of her best rides to-date!)
-Sophia Morales who was 10th in Jr. Elementary (who rode like a champ even though her pony had a bit of spring fever on XC!)

Great job everyone! Up next for our riders is the Loudoun Hunt Pony Club Horse Trials!